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Water Restoration Services

Fast Response Flood Clean Up offers a variety of services to properly mitigate structural damage and reduce or prevent loss to real and personal property due to water and flood disaster. Our team will respond quickly to assess and cleanup damage from wet or flooded basements, sewage contamination, or other storm damages to residential, industrial, and commercial properties.  Some of the services that Fast Response Flood Clean Up provides to help restore your property safely include: water extraction and pump outs, complete structural drying, dehumidification, mold and sewage remediation, and off-site personal property cleaning. Fast Response Flood Clean Up has a secure, temperature controlled warehouse for personal property that includes a large drying chamber for special personal property. Fast Response Flood Clean Up utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and procedures so that your property is properly and thoroughly cleaned and dried before it is returned to you.

Minimize Your Loss Due to Water and Flood Damage

Fast Response Flood Clean Up has IICRC certified technicians who are experts in handling drywall, ceilings, hardwood floors, and carpeting that are wet or damaged due to floods. We have years of water mitigation restoration that includes cleanup of FEMA declared floods and storms in nationwide emergency areas. Our team will help minimize your residual water damage, including addressing the presence of mold or assisting with measures or recommendations to prevent and remediate further growth. In addition to servicing residential homes, vacation homes, rental properties, commercial and industrial properties, Fast Response Flood Clean Up offers clean-up and restoration services for boats and recreational vehicles. Don’t wait! If you have water damage due to heavy rain, power failure, broken appliances, foundation leaks, sump pump failure, broken or frozen pipes, or an appliance malfunction, call us immediately. Our emergency response team is ready 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you handle your loss.

What to expect from Fast Response water damage cleanup service:

Immediate response to your emergency situation.

Assessment of the damaged property- the structure together with electrical and plumbing systems.

Inspection to identify the source of the water leak.

Scope of work to identify the necessary repairs. If the source or a water leak is plumbing in nature, Fast Response Flood Clean Up will recommend a certified and licensed plumbing contractor to make the necessary repairs.

Prompt initiation of your repairs; including water extraction and drying.

Depending on the severity of the water damage, once the water has been extracted Jarvis will again, inspect the property for mold. In addition, Fast Response Flood Clean Up will assess what property may be salvageable and determine the best method to remove your personal property from your home, business, boat, plant, or recreational vehicle.

If your (real) property is damaged, we have a full-service construction division to restore the structure of your residential, commercial, or industrial property.

What to do if you are affected by a flood:

  • Contact Fast Response Flood Clean Up at (480) 372-8840 for a prompt property damage assessment. If you are insured, it is likely that your insurance policy requires you take prompt action to minimize damages to your home covered under your policy.
  • If the issue is plumbing related and you have safe access to your main water line, turn it off as soon as possible.
  • Call your insurance company immediately to report the damage and review your coverage. (Fast Response does not make any determinations or decisions regarding insurance coverage.)
  • If your home has been damaged because of a storm, you should place a tarp over interior personal property to protect it from outdoor elements and subsequent inclement weather.
  • Remember to keep away from flood waters, which may contain harmful bacteria.
  • Avoid using electrical outlets or connections until your property has been inspected by a licensed electrician or you are approved to do so by your local electric company.


What to Do When Your Basement Floods;

No matter what the cause is, a flooded basement needs to be dealt with immediately to prevent long-term damage.

Here are some tips on what you can do right away to help stop further damage to your property and some guidelines on when it’s best to call in the professionals.

The most important factor to consider before entering a wet basement is your safety. Is there a risk of electrical shock? Do you smell gas? Is the flood water contaminated from sewage back up? Has the structure of the basement been compromised? If you answered yes to any of these questions then do not enter and call for professional help.

How to Clean Up a Flooded Basement

If it’s safe to enter, there are several things you can do to begin cleaning up your flooded basement. Before you start, remember the first rule is always safety. Wear protective clothing, including rubber boots, safety glasses and gloves as you clean and inspect the basement. Make sure the space is well-ventilated, which also speeds the drying process.

Retrieve and remove: The quicker your personal items can be removed from water, the better the chances for repair and restoration. You need to get items out of the basement and dry off any remaining dampness to reduce the likelihood of mold growth.

Extract water: If the water is just a couple inches deep, you may be able to remove it using a wet/dry vacuum or portable sump pump. Both of these items can be rented rather than purchased. If you’re wading through several inches of water or more, you’ll likely need to call in professionals who have the proper equipment to deal with the excessive amount of water.

Remove rugs: Any area rugs need to be removed and dried out immediately. If possible, hang area rugs outdoors to dry or opt for professional cleaning. If the basement was carpeted, you may have to remove the carpet. Water can damage not only the carpet fibers but also the glue, backing, padding and underlayment, leaving the carpet at higher risk for mold.  However, do not attempt to remove tacked-down carpeting by yourself, leave it to the professionals.

Run a dehumidifier and fans: To prevent the development of mold after a basement flood, it’s essential to keep the level of humidity as low as possible. If the weather is favorable, open any and all windows you can and then run a dehumidifier and fans to increase ventilation and lower the humidity levels.

Clean and disinfect: After the water is extracted and the basement thoroughly dried, the whole space needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Carefully wash and sterilize anything the flood waters touched that you were able to salvage.

Keep an inventory list: As each item is removed from your flooded basement and treated for water damage, add it to an inventory list. Keep a record of all the details regarding what was damaged in the flood, and hold onto estimates and receipts from any restoration or repair procedures. These documents will support any insurance claim you plan to make.

Fast Response Flood Clean Up has been helping homes and businesses cope with water damage for many years.

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